“Are you friends or more than friends?”
“More than friends.”
“How did you meet?”
“We were randomly placed as freshman-year roommates.”
“How did you get from there to the more-than-friends level?”
“It just kind of happened.”


aramis’ backstory is male tears: the prologue

he’s all set to be a man of the cloth and he’s on his last visit to his fav brothel when some dude insults him and aramis is too much of a noob to respond; he just stands there tongue tied

ten minutes later he’s like DAMMIT I JUST THOUGHT OF THE BEST COMEBACK

so he puts off his vows, learns how to sword, and tracks down the guy

and it’s a year later so the guy’s like …who the what now? and aramis is all THE PRIEST IN THE BROTHEL WITH THE BOOK and then he kills him

then it gets around tht aramis killed a guy and he skulks around for a while AND THAT’S HOW HE MET ATHOS AND PORTHOS shunned by society after killing a guy

it’s less “aw” and more “..uh”

anyway as long as aramis can kill guys and fuck ladies he keeps putting off his vows i mean idk man but u sound like my cousin who says he’ll join his dad’s investment firm as soon as he quits his ultimate frisbee league

It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out SHIELD.

Love… Of course.



TRACK: Royals / Come Together
ARTIST: Lorde / The Beatles
ALBUM: Mashup
Come Together/Royals - The Beatles & Lorde