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Riddles of the Sphinx pt 1

Monkey: I’m gonna kill you.

Trip: You can’t. If my heart stops beating for any reason the headband will discharge a lethal dose. If I die, you die.


The Advisors.

The Musketeers + super subtle eye contact


tell duncan i’m leaving

Elves are a historically oppressed people, distinguishable by their lithe frames and pointed ears. Though most survive in the poorest fringes of human cities, others live as nomads known as the Dalish.


Sometimes I think about Sebastian Vael.

About how he added the name of Aveline’s late husband, Wesley, to the memorial wall in the Chantry and asked the Grand Cleric to read his name during the Chant of Rememberance.

About how he takes Merrill seriously, discusses their different beliefs without belittling, without dismissing her and — after Marethari — helps her deal with the guilt she carries. When Merrill feels self-conscious about not fitting in with the Orlesian nobility during Legacy, he reassures her that she will be fine.

About how he compliments Isabela, about how he calls her brave.

About how he continuously assures Fenris of his own self-worth and tries to help him deal with the cruel, terrible things done to him. He offers him, an elf, a place at his side in Starkhaven, one of the largest and most influential city states in the Free Marches.

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I love the fact that of all the companions, Isabela is the one he relates to the most — “I used to be like you,” he tells her, but never tries to change her or condemn anything she does. He just predicts that someday she won’t be able to live for nothing but her own pleasure. And when it does happen, when Isabela returns to help Hawke against her better judgment, Sebastian only commends her bravery and says that he knows how it feels: “It’s frightening, isn’t it? To realize you have the potential to be a better person.”

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